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舞剧《朱鹮》杭州首映呼唤环保 浙企践行社会责任鼎力支持

Ballet premiered in Hangzhou, which called for environmental protection. Zhejiang enterprises take social

中国网11月10日讯 11月10日晚,浙江天堂硅谷资产管理集团十五周年司庆暨舞剧《朱鹮》杭州站首映在浙江省人民大会堂主会场隆重举行。据悉,此次活动是为了纪念浙江朱鹮野外放飞一周年,也是本土知名私募资产管理机构以行动践行社会责任的善举。

China News, 10th, Nov On the night of 10th, Nov, the 15th anniversary of Zhejiang Paradise Silicon Valley Property Management Group and ballet premiere in Hangzhou was held in the main venue of Zhejiang great hall of the people. It is known that this activity is in memory of crested ibises were flied to wild for a year, it’s also the local well-known private property management organization taking social responsibility with actions.


Crested ibis is an international rare and protected bird, symbolizing happiness and lucy, which was called “propitious bird”, and honored as “eastern jewel”. However, when people run to modernization and urbanization, they uncarefully neglected worsen of crested ibises’ livelihood, and this population is endangered.



To appeal people to protect endangered animals and cherish the environment, Shanghai Song and Dance Ensemble grinded sword for four years, made a ballet themed by “call for cherishing forever, for which lost once”, presenting pure, elegant and noble of crested ibis. In the meantime, it draws the historical framework of life and death, even extinction of crested ibis from ancient to modern times. This ballet generally expresses people’s emotion and attitude towards them, which makes people rethink to life in tension of live and death, gain and lose, and enlighten them about theory of peaceful co-existence between people and other creatures and thoughts about people and environment are going through thick and thin together.



It is known that since the ballet firstly showed on Apr, 2014, it has made a performance tour in more than 30 cities, and were honored as “eastern Swan Lake”. “Even without lines and music for voice, a ballet can express thoughts and standpoints, and get resonance”, and this is the ballet .


Zhejiang was crested ibises’ home, but because of environment deterioration, crested ibises disappeared in the 1950s and 60s. In 2008, Zhejiang brought 10 crested ibises from Shanxi, and to 2014, Zhejiang captive breeding crested ibises were 146. In Nov 2014, Zhejiang set free the crested ibises. From now on, crested ibises return to Zhejiang.


The dance drama Crested Ibises premiere in Hangzhou when Zhejiang crested ibises are set free one year, and it’s meaningful. As one of the Hangzhou stage’s sponsors, the CEO of Zhejiang silicon paradise asset management group Yuan Weigang says, “Silicon paradise always wants to thank the friends who are supporting our company through artistic expressions like dance drama, tried to wake up public’s conservation awareness. Protect birds, protect nature, protect environment, co-develop with the nature. It just corresponds to our company’s culture “magnanimous, harmony and happiness and practice CRS.”


Related statistic shows that Zhejiang Paradise Silicon Valley Property Management Group has donated nearly 200 million yuan in culture, environmental protection, education, charity volunteers. He Xiangdong, the CEO of this group, pointed out that “private property management organization takes the responsibility of trusting, it will combine goal of sustainable development with taking social responsibility, giving play to engine and radiation effect, effectively graft entity economy and financial capital, support creating, and helping transformation and upgrading of economy, finally achieve double goals of creating economic value and social value.”


It is known that the ballet is a rarely classical one which were co-sponsored by Zhejiang Provincial Culture, Environmental Protection and Forestry Departments, and naming by Zhejiang Paradise Silicon Valley Property Management Group.

  (记者:李斌 俞舒珺报道/ 邹婧颖 顾远 译)